WPtouch, cool but sounds kind of risque

I just installed WPtouch on this blog for you iPhone users. Personally, I would never spend that much money on a phone every month. It would definitely fall under the “Latte Effect” on my budget. But I thought it would be a nice touch for those of you who can afford it. Now you can read my pointless ramblings with ease wherever you go! Yay!! \(^〇^*)/

So if you’re reading this from an iPhone, how’s it look? I tested it out using iPhoney (OS X only) but it only works so-so. Maybe I’ll try it out on an real iPhone the next time I visit the Apple Store.

The plugin seems to work pretty well but I don’t know why Pages don’t have comments despite the fact that they’re enabled (this has now been fixed). Also, I wish there was a way to get the Archive Page on the iPhone version only and without having to manually hack the Theme. Finally, it doesn’t work with WP Super Cache yet so I had to disable it. Oh well, it’s not like the meager traffic on my blog is going to put any kind of strain on a server that also runs Groklaw and Project Gutenberg (both directories are next to mine under “g”). 🙁

13 thoughts on “WPtouch, cool but sounds kind of risque

  1. Looks good on this end. The main icon (to the left of “Tae Kim’s Blog”) looks a liitle generic, though.

  2. @Rahim
    Yeah, unfortunately the included icons are pretty limited and I didn’t feel like making my own. I changed it to something more tropical though.

    Hmm… do you mean Google reader on the iPhone? I don’t think this plugin will change that, will it? Unless you followed the link to this blog itself.

  3. Looks great! Although I usually use google reader to read yours and other blogs at the same time.

  4. Ah, but you can’t read the comments and add your own in Google Reader. At least I don’t think you can.

    I’m glad that I took a couple minutes to add this plugin. Highly recommended!

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