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I thought the Japan Blog Matsuri was such a good idea, I signed up to host September’s issue. Ok, I had a little trouble figuring this out so here’s what it’s all about. I pick a topic related to Japan and you guys write a blog post about the topic and send me a link by the 20th of September. On the 24th of September, I will post another blog post with links to all your guy’s blog posts on the topic (unless it sucks, ha ha just kidding… kinda). The idea is to increase cross pollination of linkage in the Japan blogosphere in a Web 2.0… 3.0… no! 4.11 Ultimate Professional Edition fashion. Basically, it’s a way for me to get some interesting posts on the topic of my choosing. Last month’s topic was on “Impressions of Tokyo” hosted by Shane on the Tokyo Traveler. The little widget on the left will also show you all the past entries and a link to submit your blog post to me.

This month’s topic is on “The Language of Japan” or 「ニッポンの言葉」 and I made it “nippon” just to make it sounder cooler and more official. Of course, it was going to be language-related! While I’d like to hear about the Japanese language and your experiences with it in particular, you can write about any topic as long as it’s related to languages in Japan.

If you have a topic you’d like to discuss, send Nick a message to sign up to be the next host. Thanks Nick for starting this back up again!

By the way, 「祭り」 or 「祭」 is “festival” if you didn’t know already. Not to be confused with similar Kanji in words such as 「警察」、「摩擦」 and 「国際」. Have fun!

23 thoughts on “The Language of Japan – A Japan Blog Matsuri

  1. Tae;

    Good luck with this months matsuri! I have a few funny language tales to share and it should be a fun subject to write about. I’m a relative beginner in the Japanese language and I am interested to see what everyone else comes up with.

  2. @Mizuu
    Sure, but an English translation would be nice or at least a description for me to put up.

    Thanks, I’m excited as well to see the submissions!

  3. @Tae:

    You’re right and this shouldn’t be a problem. I can do an exeption and post a bilingual post, as I’d love to participate. ^^

  4. Yosh! This reminds me of when a Japanese taxi driver asked me where I was from and what I did for a living. I told him I was from England and taught English. He replied, “I thought they spoke Spanish in England.” !!!

    Let’s hope everyone knows what the language of Japan is! 😛

    Thanks for carrying the torch, Tae!

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  6. The plural implies the topic should be about ALL the languages in Japan, I wanted to focus on one and Japanese in particular. In any case, I don’t think the title really makes much difference as long as you read my description of the topic but who knows? I haven’t got any submissions yet.

  7. Sorry, I must misundertood your intention.
    When I read the sentence, I remembered the bloody slogan
    “Japan is a racially homogeneous nation”. The Japanese word, ニッポン boosted this misunderstanding.

  8. That would be pretty hypocritical considering that I’m not Japanese. I’m not aware of this slogan but you seem to have very strong feelings about it as “bloody” is considered the same as “fucking” in certain areas of the world.

  9. I would do this, really really do this, but I don’t have any experiences to relay, the only one I speak to in Japanese is Me, Myself and two Skype friends. Also, this topic is a little vague, no offense, I respect you a lot Tae Kim, but can you be a little more specific, what about the Japanese Language are you looking for us to write?


  10. The topic is very vague on purpose. I’m looking to hear anything about the language that interests or intrigues you. In your case, how about something about how Skype plays into your Japanese practice and how well it works?

  11. I just found out about this month’s JBMatsuri…and the deadline was three days ago. Any chance that deadline could be extended? If so, I can send smth off straightaway.

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