Holidays get deadly with Death Note

Life continues to be hectic and updates to this blog will be sparse probably till the end of this year.

I had wanted to write a post with a comprehensive review of the Death Note comic book series with transcribed excerpts but since that takes time, I’ll just leave you with a hilarious comic strip from VG Cats. Lots of funny stuff there including references to どうぶつの森.

In any case, the short version of my review is to definitely check it out as a resource for studying Japanese. There’s a lot of text compared to most comic books and the story is very complex. Definitely a good read for people at an intermediate to advanced levels.

Image from VG Cats:
Santa's Death List

13 thoughts on “Holidays get deadly with Death Note

  1. What are your thoughts on other mangas? I thought that Death Note was pretty good until… well, I liked L.

  2. Normally I hate VG Cats but this is one of those rare comics that I actually think is awesome.

  3. Mike, you’ll have to be more specific but I’m probably not a good person to ask since only read a couple of titles.

  4. Oh dear, Santa’s scary D:

    I believe Mike is referring to the half-way mark of the series.
    A sentiment I’m inclined to agree with.

  5. I loved that part because personally I was rooting for Kira. You’re right though, the story took a dive after that. I didn’t like N at all and hated the ending.

  6. Oh totally. I was definitely rooting for Kira (that’s part of what’s so alluring about the series for me–the hero lives on the morally gray line whilst getting darker all the time, but the reader stays on Kira’s side pretty much the whole time).

    But the story probably would have been a lot more solid if it had only lasted about 6 volumes instead of 12. Near and Mello didn’t really do anything for me. =\

  7. like to know what came first? manga or tv anime version… reading a 刊 and watching in that order whenever im not trapped in 一級対策地獄

  8. The gleam in the eyes, the faint smirk…these are touches only a Death Note fan could appreciate.

  9. I think you have to appreciate both manga and anime because tho the books are more imaginitive and the true source to japanese cartoon you find anime brings the whole thing to perspective 🙂

    I totally love L
    I have a tribute necklace for him. Its rather scary to be honest but he shouldn’t of died!


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