Live in Seattle and need an (awesome) Japanese tutor?

Update: My life has gone back to being hectic so I’m no longer accepting any new students.

Now that some of my other life stuff has started to calm down, I want to go back to working on my textbook project but with a twist. Instead of creating the lessons in an empty room by myself, I want to get some practical application while working on them.

So do you or somebody you know live in the Seattle area and are interested in learning Japanese? I will charge a very reasonable fee of $20/hour with a $5-$10 flat fee for transportation unless you’re willing to drive up to South Shoreline, right outside of North Seattle. I’m also open to using Skype but would like to meet face-to-face at least initially.

Here’s how it will work. I’ve already set up a website where I will start putting up the lessons. Every time we meet, I’ll write up notes of our conversation and post it on the website for you to review. I will also always be available for questions and discussions about the lessons free of charge.

I’ll also help you learn how to teach yourself and work with you on finding and studying Japanese material that interests you. You’ll have an account on my website with your own blog for notes and whatnot and basically I think you’ll get a lot of extra value from the website for free.

Don’t forget that I can totally teach you grammar based off my grammar guide.

Currently, combined with my full time job and the fact that I have to create the lessons from scratch, I’ll probably only be able to start with 1 or 2 students. So if you’re interested, please email me at with the following information.

  1. Level of Japanese proficiency
  2. Total # of hours a week available for Japanese study
  3. Interests/hobbies
  4. Any other information you’d like to share such as why you’re interested in Japanese, etc.

We can discuss when and where to meet. And I’ll meet you for free the first time to get of sense of where you are and what you want to get out of the lessons (a free consultation if you will). So, what do you think? Send me an email!

One thought on “Live in Seattle and need an (awesome) Japanese tutor?

  1. You might regret charging only $20/hour because you’re not taking into account the additional time you may spend after tutoring helping the student out. That could easily add up to an additional 5 hours. If you are gonna charge per hour, I would also consider the prep time. Since you will custom-tailor each lesson to the student, it’s not like you can recycle every lesson. I would charge a base fee/hour. Then, give maybe 30 minutes to an hour of “free” help after every lesson. Then, charge for additional hours of help after that. I’m sure you’re aware of Khatzumoto’s services. You could use that as reference.

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