WordPress 2.7 First Impressions

Finally, threaded comments supported out of the box! The plugins available to do this were incredibly difficult to setup and changed the database more than I was comfortable with. Of course, my theme doesn’t work with this new feature so I’m back to the default theme for now. The default theme is horrible and really needs an update. This is important since your favorite themes are often unmaintained and will not support newer features. I’ll be hunting for another one in the coming days.

As for the new admin interface, it’s OK but I don’t really care too much as long as I can get stuff done. The old one worked and so does the new one. It’s more customizable, which is cool. I don’t like the bulk action dropdown since I’m forced to choose an action instead of just hitting the appropriate button. It adds two more clicks: 1 to click the dropdown and 1 to select the action.

Time will tell whether the automatic upgrading will work ok without having to fudge around with chmod and directory permissions.

Link: WordPress 2.7 Demo Site

Update: Couldn’t stand the default theme anymore. I don’t really much like this one either but it seems to work. I hate fixed-width, it’s such a waste of valuable screen space. The theme search continues…

Update 2: I’ve decided to drop the threaded comments stuff. Personally, I don’t like how it’s difficult to figure out which comments are new since it’s no longer sorted by oldest first. Can’t do much about the fixed-width. It seems to be all the rage with the better looking themes.

11 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 First Impressions

    • Dare taken.

      I’m sure you’ll do this, but make sure you make the columns of text wider again. I’m not trying to read this on a 14″ CRT, ya know. Otherwise, things look good!

  1. I definitely like WP2.7, but I still like disqus (also threaded) comments over the WordPress threaded ones. Hit me up if you’re interested in some themes, I can show you some nice ones.

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