Drupal sucks!

Actually, Drupal is a pretty nice CMS and you certainly can’t complain about the price.

A CMS (Content Management System) is supposed to be a simple way to post information online. A blog is simply one form of content management. A CMS usually supports many types of content including blogs and forums.

Drupal is pretty nice and does pretty much what I need, though there aren’t many very good-looking themes and I never bother to spend the time to make my own. However, there is just one “quirk” that I cannot forgive.

If you are filling in a whole bunch of content and you navigate to another page by accident or your internet connection goes down, you will lose all your work! It doesn’t matter whether you’re pressing the back button or reloading the page, you will be greeted with a nice blank form.

When WordPress and Blogger.com has auto-save, this is simply unforgivable. The freakin’ browser will even remember your form data as long as it doesn’t crash! You have to actually go out of your way to physically clear out the form data to do what Drupal is doing! It’s probably dynamic HTML or some AJAX bull-crap from the Web 2.0 kool-aid that’s causing the issue. I don’t care, just don’t wipe my data for a simple navigation error! 6 versions of this software and I write in Notepad so I don’t lose my work. It’s simply ridiculous.

7 thoughts on “Drupal sucks!

  1. Hey Tae
    Another recomendation, try Joomla, also Microsoft Offer a free tool called “Writer” for blogging

    • I love wordpress, it’s great. This blog is wordpress. I wish somebody made something like wordpress but for CMS not just a blog.

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