ibiblio, you rock!

I didn’t notice this until today but the guide to Japanese grammar is featured on the front page of ibiblio! It has brought in about a 100 visitors a week for the past few weeks or about 0.5% of overall traffic with a bounce rate of 44%. 🙂

Well, that’s not bad considering a non-targeted audience from a online library archive site. I’m proud to be part of Ibiblio’s mission. They’ve been a truly great hosting provider kindly serving up www.guidetojapanese.org for free since the beginning with unlimited space! I did write this in Notepad++ though because the site was inaccessible due to DNS nameserver issues. Heh.

Anyway, this post is to thank the great folks at ibiblio, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, IBM, and AMD for having me on their servers. Thanks!

And thank YOU for all your kind comments, support, and interest in the Japanese language. I hope you enjoy the new site and the new content I’m trying to put out as fast as possible.

5 thoughts on “ibiblio, you rock!

  1. Your site is listed in severl profiles of Japanese teachers on Livemocha, so I would expect some rise in visits in the near future 🙂

    Not to mention it it a great read 😀

  2. Thanks for putting all this effort into the new lessons, the dialogues are great. I really like the combination of vocabulary, grammar explanation and sentence examples in bite size packages. I just arrived in Tokyo nine days ago knowing next to zero Japanese. Even though I can read Chinese, and I have memorized the phonetic syllabary, and read through the Section 3 of your grammar guide, my vocabulary is quite limited. It’s very frustrating not being able to communicate freely with people. I’ll work through your guides and try learn as much as possible.

    • I’m glad you’ve found it useful! It really tough to come up with dialogues in the beginning with so few tools (like verbs).

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