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I got an account on Google Wave, which is still in limited preview. I watched the video and I get that it would be a nice tool for online and real-time collaboration. Problem is I don’t really have anything to collaborate on since I’ve mostly been working solo. One idea I did have was on compiling a lot of example problems and exercises for a workbook. Does anybody have any good ideas for an online collaboration project for helping people learn Japanese?

Though I don’t know what it does or how it differs from my email address but my wave address is taekim.japanese AT


なんのために使うか分かりませんが、一応私のウェーブアドレスは、taekim.japanese AT googlewave.comです。

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  1. I’m intrigued! Hopefully I can get an account at some point…
    I’m focusing my energy on Korean study these days moreso than Japanese (being in Korea and all), but perhaps I could find some way to utilize it for that purpose as well.

  2. I also managed to get a google wave account. What I thought of was that you could do a two part project. The first would be the workbook (I”m assuming fill in the blank with you correcting if necessary) and exercises and such, and the second would be doing those lessons I know you do with skype, but through wave. I’m pretty sure it’s possible because they have some gadget for video chat already there, so they must have for just regular calls. If not calls, then it could just be regular typed out conversations between you and a person or group of people, and because of the edit feature, there could be constant corrections and explanations during the conversation.
    If you did generally anything on wave, I’d be fully interested, not only because of the wave, but because I’ve been using your guide to teach myself for a while. My wave address is just my email

  3. > Does anybody have any good ideas for an online
    > collaboration project for helping people learn Japanese?

    A good list of characters and vocabulary that should be learned, and a reasonable order for learning them (so that you already know the characters used to write a given vocabulary word when you encounter the word, except for particles and other words that are normally written in kana) would be extremely beneficial. There’s a lot of information about there regarding why the extant resources (such as the joyo list) are not very helpful, but there is precious little freely available information on what characters and words *should* be studied, especially for the beginning student. If there were a readily available list of the 500 or so most common Japanese words, for example, that would be a real boon. The list of characters in the words, presumably, would be trivial to construct, given the list of the words themselves, provided the words on the list were presented in the form in which a Japanese publication would ordinarily use them, not dumbed down into worthless romaji.

    Actually, even information about what book to buy to *get* this kind of information would be useful, but I’d really rather have an online resource than a book, because I’d want to copy and paste into my SRS.

  4. なんですか、それ。初耳です。新しいものが次々と出てきてますね。ついったーやフェースブックとかまだ使いこなせてないのに。一応アカウント名だけ取得します。やってみて、面白くなかったら、ぽいって捨ててしまいます。私はパソコンに向かうときはだいたい仕事している時ですが、あまり仕事の人間とつながりたくありません(笑)

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