Wow, shocking (for me)

So if you’ve been learning Japanese for any decent length of time you’ve probably seen this word: 忙しい. I thought I had completely memorized that word 9 years ago. Somehow, I never noticed that word actually had two readings. So imagine my shock when I looked up the word せわしない. The dictionary states that it’s an emphasized version of another word: せわしい. Guess what that word looks like when written in Kanji. Needless to say, that word is usually written in Hiragana. Wow, it’s a really good reminder that learning a language is a never ending process. And that while I love Kanji, yes it does sometimes suck.

Other words I learned recently: いちゃもん、抗生物質、放射線. The last obviously being a word on the minds of everyone in Japan. On an even more personal note, this is my first post written entirely on my phone. Yay!