New home page

I updated my homepage to explain all the stuff I’ve been adding to the site over the years besides the grammar guide which is what it started as. I’m hoping it’ll help newcomers navigate the site and also improve my google ranking. Fingers crossed.

6 thoughts on “New home page

  1. Dude I’ve been looking to getting back in Japanese recently. I’ve going to try the hard way this time around. Using Kanji and grammar, I’d downloaded your guide a while back and I’ve finally looked at it this morning. I can it looks extremely promising. I’ll definitely be taking a look at this site . Thanks for such a wonderful endeavor

  2. You’ll never Know how much I love U for helping me with my learning some Japanese… xD


  3. Not a bad homepage.
    The content is what counts the most, and people who are really interested will recognize that you have the best Japanese grammar guide on the internet.

    • Thanks! No effect on search ranking yet but as long as interested people can find the site, I guess it’s not that important.

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