Table of Contents


The Writing System

Basic Grammar
   State of Being
   Verb Basics
   Negative Verbs
   Past Tense
   Particles 2
   Verb Types
   Subordinate Clauses
   Particles 3
   Adverbs + Gobi

Essential Grammar
   Polite Form
   Adressing People
   Question Marker
   Complex Sentence
   Enduring States
   Potential Form
   Using にする/になる
   Have to do...
   Defining Things
   Trying Things
   Making requests
   Wrapping up

Special Expressions
   Generic Nouns
   Expressing Similarity
   Easy or Hard
   Negative Verbs 2
   Timed Verbs
   Lack of Change

Advanced Topics
   Formal Expressions
   Things that should be
   Minimum Expectation
   Showing Signs
   Advanced Feasibility
   Advanced Volitional
   Close Actions
   Other Grammar



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