Beginner Lesson #3: Lesson Description + Signup Page


Here are the lesson details for the third Skype Lesson.

You must have a microphone and headphones to participate. Please do not use speakers because it will echo back into the mic and create a very annoying echo. Having a fast connection also helps with the latency.

Important: The lessons will be recorded and posted on this site. If you do not want to be recorded, please do not participate in the lesson.

Lesson 3: A first look at adjectives and the の particle

In this lesson, we’ll learn the two different types of adjectives, their characteristics, and the differences in rules for conjugation. We’ll also learn one of the main functions of the 「の」 particle, which is to show possession. Finally, we’ll put these two things together to ask each other about people and places in our lives.

※This lesson will be recorded and posted on this site along with my notes.

Lesson Date and Time
※I have work Sunday so I’m changing the lesson date to Saturday morning for this lesson only.
Time: Sat 9:00 am, Tokyo Time (No DST) (convert time)
Date: May 6
Length: 30 min to 1 hour
Participants: Joao Paulo, John, Raize, Rossine

1. You must have a microphone and headphones. Please do not speakers.
2. You must be familiar with the contents of the previous two lessons.
3. You must know hiragana.
4. Though useful, knowledge of katakana is not neccessary.

Lesson Preparation
You must be familiar with hiragana.
Hiragana Link 1
Hiragana Link 2

You should also become at least somewhat familiar with the following vocabulary and expressions before the lesson. I also recommend that you study the kanji by using an online kanji dictionary as I described in lesson 2.

This lesson’s vocabulary is chock full of adjectives so good luck!


  1. どう – how
  2. どんな – what kind of
  3. ところ – place
  4. 私【わたし】 – I, me, myself
  5. 人【ひと】 – person
  6. 友達【ともだち】 – friend
  7. 日本語【にほんご】- Japanese language
  8. 家【いえ or うち】- house
  9. 部屋【へや】- room
  10. 元気(な)【げんき】- lively; spirited
  11. 上手(な)【じょうず】- skilled; good at
  12. 静か(な)【しずか】- quiet
  13. 有名(な)【ゆうめい】- famous
  14. 親切(な)【しんせつ】- kind
  15. 便利(な)【べんり】- convenient
  16. きれい(な)- pretty; clean
  17. いい – good
  18. かっこいい – cool; handsome
  19. かわいい – cute
  20. 大きい【おおきい】 – big
  21. 小さい【ちいさい】 – small
  22. 広い【ひろい】 – wide
  23. 狭い【せまい】 – narrow; cramped
  24. 楽しい【たのしい】 – fun
  25. 面白い【おもしろい】 – interesting; funny

1.なるほど。 – I see.
Lesson Notes
Rules for making negative state-of-being for i-adjectives
1. Casual: Drop the last 「い」 and attach 「くない」
2. Polite: Drop the last 「い」 and attach 「くないです」

Adjectives Explained

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