It’s a bird. It’s a plane! No, it’s yet another podcast!

Thanks to the new site update (Thanks Yves!), I have set up the Skype lessons as a podcast.

If you’re still stuck in the “early internet era” and is unfamiliar with terms like podcasts, web 2.0, tags, and [add your own meaningless buzzword here], you can get a very informative description of what a podcast is by asking a ninja. There is also a more illustrated version of the same video.

Ha ha ha, oh that ninja. He’s so droll. Ok ok, here’s a more serious description from Wikipedia. But I didn’t understand any of that technical nonsense so it’s really easiest to think of podcasts as a big pie factory with a bunch of whales lined up in front of it.

Anyway, you can subscribe to this podcast with iTunes by clicking the following link:

Subscribe to this podcast with iTunes

Or you can go to the “Advanced”->”Subscribe to Podcast” option on the iTunes menu and copy the following link:

I hope you enjoy the pies!

3 thoughts on “It’s a bird. It’s a plane! No, it’s yet another podcast!

  1. Hey i really like the new setup! 🙂 Great job!

    Hmm, you should get rid of the d on “liked” at the bottom of every article so it reads “Did you like this article?”

  2. Great site. I like the way you write. You have inspired me to continue learning Japanese after a lapse of several years. I’ll be back! matane : )

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