So many ways to say, “say”!

Just when you thought I was making empty promises, here is the third and final post devoted to the word 「言う」 and the wait was worth it because the third post is a podcast!

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Various Slang for 「言う」 (length: 14:19)

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This podcast features Akina as we discuss various slang for 「言う」 such as pronouncing it as 「ゆう」 or replacing 「という」 with 「つ」. We also get an explanation of 「というか」 in Japanese as well as looking at variations such as 「ていうか」、「つうか」、and 「てか」.

We also discussed 「つ~の」 and the fact that you need to have the declarative 「だ」 for nouns (and na-adjectives).

I also learned some new words like 八方美人、むずい and some culture from 10 years ago.

This is the last of three posts discussing 「言う」 so make sure to check out the previous two posts if you haven’t read them yet.

The first post discussed “Defining things with 「いう」“.
The second post discussed “Using 「というか」 to rephrase things”.

4 thoughts on “So many ways to say, “say”!

  1. An awesome podcast, it was just the right level for me, challenging, but I could understand most of it and learn from it. I’ll try to use つ〜の in some conversations 🙂

    Only two small criticisms; there was some quite loud clicking sounds that seemed to be coming from your “line”, Tae. They were a little painful on headphones. Also, there were some points towards the start where you seemed to ignore Stephanie. かわいそうだったよ(笑

    Still, a really useful and interesting podcast, I look forward to more in the future if you have time 🙂

  2. Ok, the clicks have now been removed. Thanks.
    I hope to make more podcasts but I need to make more Japanese friends who have free time first. 🙂

    By the way, if it seems like I was ignoring Stephanie, I just want to say that it was in no way intentional.

  3. This is cool. But it would be cooler of you could include a translation in the lyrics/info part of the mp3 file.

  4. That was excellent! I’ll be honest, I really didn’t understand all of it (yet) – but hearing yas talk was worth it for me in itself. Haven’t found many sources for casual informal unscripted conversations.
    I agree, poor Stephanie, hehe…

    Please keep them coming!!

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