I have a Lang-8 account. Won’t you be my friend?

I created an account on Lang-8! Basically, Lang-8 is a social network where people can correct each other’s writings.

Tofugu.com has a good writeup so I’m not going to waste my time doing the same. I only wish native speakers would write more in their language to give me something to read without having to sift through all the errors. Also, why does it have only two languages? I can’t study 3 languages at the same time? But besides my minor gripes, this site has one of the best communities I’ve seen. Everybody has been genuinely friendly and helpful so far.

Currently, I’m trying to hack out some crazy Chinese and also thinking about improving my Japanese writing, though I don’t know how much time I can devote with all my other stuff going on. I’m also trying to make some friends so here is my Lang-8 page in case you’re interested!

5 thoughts on “I have a Lang-8 account. Won’t you be my friend?

  1. Wow, that’s an awesome concept. I’ll sign up right away. I’ve been using mixi for a long time, but nobody ever corrects your mistakes there. =( It’s not so useful for language exchange.

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the link! We’re glad you found our write up useful.

    I see you are also from the Seattle area 🙂

  3. Sure, beats having to write it myself. Yup, gotta love the weather here. Hey, it’s actually sunny today?!

  4. I’ve only been using the website for a couple of days and so far it has been great.
    People are eager to help and correct your mistakes.

    My one pet hate is the ‘My Language matches’ section could be a little bit more intelligent.
    Better if it matched me with people that complement my native and studying language instead of just matching my studying language.
    I’m not much help to a Japanese person learning Tagalog!

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