Death Note on Hulu

I was recently informed that Death Note is available to watch completely for free on Hulu. And with none of that dubbing crap, which used to be all so common back in the day. I feel like an old fogey when I think back on how difficult it was to get any sort of Japanese content in the United States back in the day. I used to feverishly grab onto whether random stuff I could get my hands on. For crying out loud, at one point, my only source for study was a 単行本 of 「新きまぐれオレンジ★ロード」 that I happened to get a hold of somehow. Seriously, I had that exact book, cover and everything. You guys no longer have any excuse!!

(An an aside, I still remember one of the FIRST words I ever looked up in my Kanji dictionary was in the first couple sentences of that book: 「瞳」. Guess what? Since it’s not in the 常用漢字 list, it wasn’t in my dictionary. So I was pretty screwed to begin with until I luckily managed to find WWWJDIC. Thanks, Jim Breen!)

By the way, my favorite anime of all time is Lain. Who can resist an anime that talks about internet protocols and Memex? Yes, I’m a geek at heart and personally, I can’t wait for IPv7!

3 thoughts on “Death Note on Hulu

  1. On YouTube Bandai’s channel (bandaientertainment) has subs available for some shows (like Gundam and Code Geass). They probably won’t keep the shows up forever, but for now they’re around.

  2. At the rate it is taking to move from ipv4 expect ipv7 in 2100. And hulu not in Canada, I’m an avid torrenter though so w/e.

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