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  1. twitter is for people who can’t be arsed to write propper blog posts. i agree with you and would suggest to just stick to your blog.

    • By that logic, text messages are for people who can’t be “arsed” to write proper email.

      Different tools, different jobs. Blogs are not always feasible or appropriate for a given task, particularly when time or content is short. And that’s okay.

      • そう、SMSも意味ないね。しかも、アメリカでは、SMSの料金がどう考えても高すぎる。簡単に言えば、詐欺だね。日本では、CmailとかSkymailはともかく、大体みんなEmailを使っているよ?

        • I’m not a huge SMS fan (and yes, the pricing scheme is ridiculous), but it has its uses. Sometimes a quick text is more appropriate than a phone call. I suppose you could compare it to TCP and UDP. Again, different tools, different jobs.

          You’re right, keitais use push email, and not SMS. But it’s more of a protocol difference than a use difference. Your average keitai mail would probably fit within 160 characters. In other words, yes, it is email, but I’d say often its use is more akin to that of SMS, at least in terms of length and density of actual content.

          • That protocol difference makes a big difference in ease of communicate between phones and other online devices such as PCs.

  2. Completely agree. Twitter has completely zero purpose and ALL functionality is overlapped by multiple services. Its just garbage that has been pushed by the media. I’ll wait for it to die off.

    • Twitter was around long before “the media” started latching on to it to be “down with the hipsters.” Just because they keep asking people to follow them on Twitter doesn’t make the service itself as idiotic as they are.

      I’d be interested to hear what other services let you post short updates, questions, messages to a huge populous on a huge number of devices and methods.

        • They only let people who are your friends on Facebook see them. You have to share a lot of personal information with people. And it’s western-centric.
          You have to “follow” (add) each other to be able to share information too, so it’s not quite the same.

          Ben’s idea of using it for language learning would be completely impossible, not many Japanese or Korean people use Facebook from my experience.

          I agree for the useless “I’m eating breakfast” types of posts to bore your friends though, they’re effectively the same.

  3. I agree as well. Most of the people I know that are obsessed with Twitter have never experienced reading and writing blogs themselves, so they don’t know how much better it can be.

  4. I agree that Twitter is a waste of time for the “I’m eating toast” kind of posts, but for learning languages I think it’s ideal. Not Better than writing a blog or talking to friends, but just another way of learning. Here’s why:

    I’m learning Korean, and I’m still a beginner. Twitter lets me write short sentences from wherever I am, via my iPhone, or laptop. So it fills the “little and often” idea of learning very well. Then some Korean people who follow my Twitter post replies correcting my Korean, and possibly explaining why. People I have never met before, but started following me because I offered to help their English, or because they’re just interested in seeing someone learn I guess. Either way, it’s super-helpful.

    I really recommend using Twitter for learning languages 🙂

    • In what way do you mean “greater than”? Length?

      Because something is longer doesn’t mean it’s “better” They serve different purposes.
      Or do you regularly send people 200-page thesis when you want to ask how to spell a word?

  5. I’ve heard that someone twitter to ask for help when he got arrested and that worked. I think he haven’t much time to complete a blog post or may not get attention from im conversation.
    It is something between that two cannot serve (broadcasting + short life span message). Now I follow site update instead of using feed to read them.

    By the way it is fastest way to spread rumors too, I think.

  6. Twitter is good for a) letting people know when you update your blog b) giving small tidbits of information like a new word you learned (or want to teach us XD), an interesting use of a grammar point, a picture of something nifty c) behind the scenes updates on the creation of your bog d) anything else you want to share that maybe doesn’t fit in the blog (you saw a cool movie, you went somewhere nice, etc)

  7. I just started on twitter recently. For me it’s a sort of protoblog where I can just jot down for later simple ideas and concepts that I think might be important and get them off my mind, and really the only person I twitter for is me. It’s my blog away from blog!

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