My current todo list

I always have way too many things going on. Right now, I’m working on the following:

1. Working on improving my vocabulary and writing (on lang-8) in Japanese
2. Japanese from scratch youtube videos
3. The Complete Guide to Japanese
4. Adding vocab lists to the Grammar guide to make it ebook friendly
5. Learning Chinese (not really)
6. This blog

I also just started posting WOTD (Word of the Day) on my twitter account.!/kimchi314

My free time is limited so many of these projects inevitably get neglected sometimes. But I like to jump around and work on different things to keep things interesting for myself. After all, it is my hobby and primarily for my personal enjoyment.

I’d like to figure out why my website ranks so low when you do a search for “learn Japanese” on various search engines. My website is WAY better than many of the sites on the first page of the search results. Anybody have some good SEO tips?

5 thoughts on “My current todo list

  1. For SEO, have you looked at Google Adwords at all? They have a keyword tool where you can type in a word or phrase and see related phrases that people search on, as well as how many hits they get per month. If you try to include the most searched phrases in your links, titles, other HTML, etc, your ranking should increase. There are a billion websites and books on SEO, so you might want to check out a few. I used one a while ago but can’t remember the name! I think it was an O’Reilly book. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the tip. I already know the phrase I want to target and adwords only seems to tell you it’s value, not how to increase your ranking organically. I’ll definitely check out some books on SEO.

  2. I looked for the book now that I’m home. It’s a Dummies book :-). “Search Engine Optimization for Dummies.” It gives a pretty good overview on SEO and is cheap. Google’s keyword tool is still useful to you because you can also optimize the website for other related searches and increase the total number of visits. I haven’t recently browsed any SEO “how-to” websites, but it looks like there are tons out there. You probably don’t even need a book unless you want something physical to flip through. SEO is quite interesting and there are so many factors to increase your traffic. You might also consider implementing some “landing pages” to filter people in the right direction for specific searches.

    • Thanks for the info, the related searches is indeed useful. It’s a mystery because the first page for “learn Japanese” on google for me is a site filled with ads with barely any content. I’m pretty sure I have more relevant backlinks as well so I’m pretty much stumped. I’m going to try to change my main page to be more SEO friendly.

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