Japanese from Scratch 1.1.8 – y vowel and double consonant

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I know I keep saying we’re done with Hiragana only to have another lesson with more sounds in Hiragana. Well, we’re almost done with learning all the sounds in Hiragana. In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to attach a /y/ vowel sound to another consonant and how to make a double consonant sound. Once more lesson after this, and we will be done with Hiragana!

Reading Practice

Here’s a list of random vocabulary you should read over for some simple reading practice. Once again, don’t worry about memorizing the definitions.

  1. いしゃ – doctor
  2. おちゃ – tea
  3. りょくちゃ – green tea
  4. にんじゃ – ninja
  5. しゅと – capital (city)
  6. しゃしん – photograph
  7. まっちゃ – (ceremonial) green tea
  8. しっぽ – tail
  9. じゃっかん – slightly
  10. ざっし – magazine
  11. もっと – more
  12. けっちゃく – conclusion

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