Saturday morning

It’s allergy season and my nose has been acting up.

This morning, my almost 2-year old daughter pointed at my nose and said, “hana”.

I replied, “Yeah, hana.”

She replied, “One, two.”

3 thoughts on “Saturday morning

  1. That’s so cute! Aha
    Man, I wish I was born with multiple languages
    Are you teaching your child(ren?) more than one language?
    I know a friend who currently speaks a bunch of different languages. His parents spoke chinese and french. On his own he learned english at school.

    • We are trying. She knows words like “nose” and “ear” in English, Korean, and Japanese but English is definitely her strongest language. We’ll see I guess. It’s tough because she has to learning everything x3.

  2. That’s really cute, haha! 🙂
    I was hired by a family as a live-in tutor/au pair, and taught their one-year-old English. All we did was play together, while I spoke English. It took a month or two to be able to pick up on the language, but at age two, she could understand everything I said (and could easily tell me thousands of stories of her imaginary friends). This year, she’s learning Chinese as a third language with a tutor who comes a couple of hours each week, and can understand the teacher well but never actually speaks in Chinese.

    I think as long as a child is having fun, they really don’t care what language they’re learning/speaking after a while. It just takes some getting used to.

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