This is pretty much racism…

For crying out loud, I don’t want to write about political BS on my blog but this is just too ridiculous. Here’s a news article about a Korean textbook that had pictures of Japanese people in it. OH MY GOD! Somebody needs to go to jail for this!! The kids might think Japanese are like normal people with families and stuff!!!

OMG, real people!

OMG, are these guys like real people?!

I mean, seriously this article is pure racist garbage. The article uses words like “문제” (problem) and “실수” (mistake). Imagine if a textbook in the US had a picture of a German family instead of an American white family. Guess what, we won’t give a shit because WW2 is like a lifetime ago and most of the people involved are almost all dead from at least old age. On the other hand, Korean automatically take this is a “problem” and a “mistake”.

The last line in the article is pure gold. It’s some bullshit about how elementary school textbooks are for teaching a proper and happy lifestyle to 870,000 kids.

초등통합교과서는 기존의 바른 생활, 슬기로운 생활, 즐거운 생활 등 3개 과목을 합친 것으로 1, 2학년 87만 명이 사용한다.

What is this insinuating? That the Japanese are the devil that will somehow corrupt kids just by basically existing??

Korea, your obsession with hating Japan is ridiculous. If you weren’t personally harmed by the occupation, it’s time to let it go. (psst… by the way you have a slightly larger problem just slightly to the north)

PS I’m Korean.

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  1. Hey, Tae Kim. When are you going to start working on a Korean guide? 😀 I can’t understand subtle/not so subtle racism if I can’t read Korean.

  2. LoL. It’s hard to have an appreciation of two cultures that just hate each other. I like Korea and Japan and I would really like if the retard fest that is the ongoing conflict between the two ends ASAP.

  3. My middle finger goes to all anti-Japan/ anti-Korea people and things of this goddamn ugly world

  4. Sorry to yap again, but…

    I would also like to point out how 2 NUKES + an assload of natural disasters that have struck Japan many times. They have had enough. It’s time for a truce, ffs. I always feel the dire need to clean out both nations of the impurities every time I hear shit between Korea and Japan.

    • Thanks for your comment. I think people need to realize that the hate isn’t doing anyone any good on both sides.

  5. No problem.

    All the right-wing idiots in all of Asia, for that matter, just divide the nations apart. All this unjust hate is so stupid.

  6. Doesn’t the xenophobia go both ways? As a Korean living in Japan I’m pretty sure you suffered from it at some point

      • 한국에 관광이나 쇼핑하러 오시는 일본인들도 어떤 위협이나 차별을 느끼지 못할 겁니다. 한국에서 일하시는 분도 마찬가지. 언론에서 떠드는 건 집권당(새누리당)의 지지율을 높이려는 쇼이지요. (그런 점에서 조선/중앙/동아 일보의 기사를 참고하는 건 결코 균형잡힌 시각이 아니라고 말씀드리고 싶네요) 선거가 있을 때마다 북한의 남한에 대한 위협을 100배쯤 과장하기, 일본과의 독도 관할권에 대한 갈등을 심화하기, 이거 다 쇼입니다. 젊은 사람들은 이걸 알아요. 하지만 문제는 나이든 세대(50대 이상)에겐 이게 먹힌다는 거. 일본도 문제가 심각해요. 일본은 한국과 달리 1당독재가 유지될 정도로 야권이 힘을 쓰지 못하는 -한국보다 더 우경화된 나라니까요. 저도 일본인 일반은 친절하고 착한 사람이라고 생각하고 있습니다. 답이 안 나오는 건 일본과 한국의 정치와 집권당의 부정부패입니다.

      • 아 갑자기 남긴 코멘트 때문에 당황하셨을 것 같지만 갑자기 생각이 나서 한 가지만 더 쓸게요. 저는 korean and japanese language 를 구글링하다가 태 킴 님의 블로그에 들어오게 됐는데, 그 글 에 보면 yahoo japan과 yahoo korea에 들어가서 얼마나 많은 한자/칸지가 쓰였는지 확인해보라고 하신 내용이 있잖아요? 근데 yahoo japan도 혐한 글을 많이 올린답니다-_-;; 이것 역시 페이지뷰를 올리기 위해서 혐한이란 주제를 이용하는 것에 지나지 않지만요. 여기 말고 다른 일본 웹에서도 혐한 글들을 종종 볼 수 있어요. 한국인은 똥을 먹는다고 똥이라고 불러요;;; 물론 모든 일본인이 다 이런 생각을 가질 일은 없고, 특정 우익단체가 한국을 타겟으로 삐뚤어진 정치활동을 하고 잇는 것으로 해석해야겠죠. 한국 미디어에서 반일보도를 통해 집권당의 지지율을 회복하려 한다면, 일본은 혐한단체들이 웹에다 혐한 글들을 잔뜩 올리는 일을 저질러요. 개인의 분노의 방향을 엄한 곳으로 돌리는 거죠. 시간 되시면 일본 wikipedia와 yahoo japan의 한국, 한국인 관련 글들을 읽어보시면 생각보다 한일 상호관의 감정적 뿌리가 복잡하게 얽혀 있고, 생각만큼 쉽게 펴지지 않을 거란 걸 알 수 있죠. (이게 제가 한일관계에서 이렇다 저렇다 말하고 다닐 수 없는 이유이기도 합니다)

  7. I don’t have to look your name twice to realize you’re Korean 🙂

    Nevertheless, I’m guessing that Japanese dislike Korean equally, no? I’m basing this to some of my (Japanese) friends’ reaction whenever I mention Korea..

    • Hard to compare that kind of thing but I didn’t experience anything negative personally as a Korean living in Japan for 3 years.

    • I lived in Japan for eighteen years and here’s my take (a generalization, so I guess this comment is problematic too — ha. can’t get away from it): Most Japanese people don’t HATE the Koreans, but they definitely believe that they are the best Asians, i.e. look down on other Asians.

      I’ve never lived in Korea so I don’t know what the Koreans really believe about the Japanese, but I definitely felt and saw the hatred of the Chinese towards the Japanese when I lived there for four months.

      The bottom line is that Japan needs to apologize for the crap they did in WWII and the other Asian countries need to stop spreading propaganda to their people to bring out hatred towards the Japanese. Easier said than done, no?

      Solution: @taekk, you can become the Korean prime minister and I’ll become the Japanese one, and we can change the two countries and consequently the whole world forever. What do you say?

  8. I’m a Korean chick, and yah, I gotta say stuff like this annoys me. I’ve lived in japan for several years and sometimes I do get some racism towards me. It’s extremely subtle though, I’d say more like microaggressions. It’s more body language (being disgusted) than it is direct racist comments. But stuff like this is still mild compared to what I went through in America. Way more racist in America. Even though I’m American.

  9. I was in Seoul earlier this month and can’t believe I got zero Streetpasses on my 3DS! After hopping over into Haneda my handheld finally came alive and started blinking green again.

    In a way I think Korean kids are missing out on a lot of cool computer games..

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