Podcasts I’m listening to now

Ever since I rediscovered all those Japanese podcasts in iTunes, I’ve been trying to find some interesting ones. So far, I’m really enjoying ゆうのテキトーお悩み相談室 (itunes link). It’s really funny! It’s also pretty risque so don’t ask some Japanese kid to help you with understanding it!

There’s also a bunch of audio dramas (such as this one) that seem like it might be worth a listen. At least, the format is different from the usual talk radio.

I’m also listening to this Korean podcast.

Any other podcasts that you would recommend?

6 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m listening to now

  1. Regarding Korean podcast.
    I prefer to listen to men. Because I can associate better with their tonality and use it as part of language learning experience. So regardless of the very cute picture of the host, I am not going even to check it out…. or I might…. 😉

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