Japanese from Scratch 1.1.1 – Writing Systems

I am trying out a new series called “Japanese from Scratch” by making videos that go over Japanese in small steps in a quick, no-nonsense fashion. In this first video, I do a brief overview of the 3 writing systems in Japanese to give you some context before jumping straight into Hiragana. Post your questions, suggestions, and feedback here or on the video page for future videos.

My Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/taekimjapanese

*I will be updating and re-posting the old posts in this category as I make the videos.

5 thoughts on “Japanese from Scratch 1.1.1 – Writing Systems

  1. Hi Tae!
    First of all, I’m a huge fan of your guide, it was a fundamental resource (and still plays a major role) in my learning of Japanese, and I believe it is one of the best, if not _the_ best, resource on Japanese grammar available to this date.
    That said, I think your first video is not nearly as good as the guide. It doesn’t stand out from others in the same category. The content is all right, but not inovative. But even worse, you sound really, really boring. There are videos around with a very similar content and with a lot more energy, a lot more exciting.
    Well, of course, this is just my stupid and worthless opinion, and I cannot do better than you (but I’m sure _you_ can!).
    Also, I hope you don’t take offense in this, I don’t mean any harm, this is just the way I think I can help you keep doing the awesome stuff that you do for learners of Japanese all around the world.
    Best regards

  2. Something that I found irritating was that it seemed like you were just reading the text in the frame out loud. Personally I do a lot more reading than watching, but this sort of thing is what ruins Powerpoints for me.

    I think videos (even narrated slideshows) could add a whole new dimension to the Guide, but you have to play to their strengths more.

  3. Thanks for the input. I’ll try to put more energy into it but I guess I’m a pretty boring sounding guy. 🙁

    Hopefully I’ll get better at this and maybe redo these early ones later.

    I’m not a big fan of Powerpoint either but I figured it was better than just watching my face on a camera.

  4. Hey! I just started my long journey to learning japanase and your videos have been very (very!) useful. My native language is spanish but for some reason, I can understand your pronunciation quite clearly, unlike most english speakers I have come across in the past. I’m really bad at pronunciating and listening but I found rather easy to understand you; maybe it’s a side effect from learning japanase pronunciation, as it’s very similar to the one in spanish. Again, thanks for putting up such a complete, easy-to-understand guide! (I’m just 17 years old so maybe that’s saying something about the quality and effort you have been putting on those!).

  5. Thank you for these videos
    Im trying to learn Japanese and your videos are a great help

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