16 thoughts on “The Grammar Guide in Print

  1. Congratulations! Still the best Japanese grammar textbook around, and will probably continue to be so for a long time to come, if not forever. Down with romaji!

    • Would love to but amazon needs to add support for Japanese for kindle direct publishing (not the kindle itself).

    • while I’m waiting for my ‘nice’ copy to come in the post, I just got the pdf and put it on my kindle, it works fairly well to be honest

  2. Just bough on amazon.co.uk ( It’s more “near” to me and It’ll arrive sooner or so I hope).
    Thank to all your work, untill now I used both the grammars on your site, but I prefer a “paper” book. Thanks to them I was finally able to translate a entire chapter of my favourite manga ^^

  3. Is the printed guide in color at all? I’m probably going to buy it on payday anyways, but it’s something I’d like to know; there are no example pages anywhere that I can see. You might consider adding some “Look Inside!” or preview pages to Amazon.

    • It’s black&white because the it costs about $50 just for printing costs in color, which I didn’t want to charge. Even in B&W, most of the cost is for printing and goes to Amazon but I wanted it to be affordable and still be eligible for free shipping. I submitted everything for the Look Inside program already but seems like it takes a while for it to show up on amazon.

      • Thanks for the fast reply. I can do without the color, and maybe even use highlighters on the important bits being demonstrated. I appreciate everything you’ve done for Japanese learners online, and wish you luck with the next book!

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