Let’s hang out in Tokyo!

I will be visiting Tokyo in September so let’s hang out if you happen to be there and free Friday night, September 7.

If you’re interested in hanging out, sign up for either event below (not both!)
Will update with more details the week of.


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10 thoughts on “Let’s hang out in Tokyo!

  1. Would that I could, but I’ll be in the US that week. I assume you already have plenty of old friends and places to visit, but if there’s another date you’ll be free please let us know.

    • Too bad, it doesn’t seem like a good date for many people but it’s kind of how it turned out with ticket prices and whatnot.

  2. Is it safe to assume this event is open to everyone who has a connection to your website in some way? It’s been years since I’ve been active on the forums, but meeting up sounds like fun. I certainly owe you and everyone in the forums a great deal for helping me to learn Japanese over the years!

  3. Gutted as I am not in Japan then, but would have definitely taken you up on that.

    Hope everyone has fun, and hopefully it doesn’t turn in to a “I can speak Japanese better than you, therefore I am a superior person” contest.

    Also, there’s more to Japan/Japanese than just manga and anime!

    Pardon the cynicism TKK.


  4. I have loved and raved about your guide for years now. Really feel I owe you a beer – and assuming there’s lots of others similarly indebted, I think you might get quite drunk!

  5. I wish I could go to Japan and meet everyone in Tokyo.
    Have a good time and a lot of fun there and keep us posted!

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