What I’m reading today

I read the first volume of サラダデイズ today. I probably won’t be reading too many comics myself but thought the site (jコミ) is worth sharing with you all as it has a bunch of free comics to read online.

This particular title, which I picked at random, is a collection of short love stories. The stories are OK and the drawing is pretty good. I don’t think I can read more than one volume but others may enjoy it more or some of the other numerous comics on the site. It also has all the readings in furigana, which is nice.

Nothing too much of interest language-wise but I did learn a couple new words such as 「中傷」.

New Kanji (for me): 貞
Category: Love stories (comic)
Difficulty: 2/5 (has furigana)
My Rating: 3/5 stars