What I’m reading today

So today, I read a pretty mundane article about the author’s attempt to gradually lose weight instead of making drastic weight changes.

Not super interesting but still good reading practice. Here’s a bit convoluted and kinda of confusing analogy between the author obsession with eating and a classmate that you like but try to ignore. Even my explanation sounds awkward.


In addition, it looks like the American stereotype that we all carry guns in a modern wild west is still well and alive in Japan.


It was almost comical to see the surprise on some of my Japanese friends when I told them I don’t own nor have ever fired a gun. That was many years ago but it doesn’t look like the stereotype has really changed in the last 10 years.

New vocab (for me): ドンパチ
Difficulty: 3/5

5 thoughts on “What I’m reading today

  1. I had the same experience you had regarding guns. When my friend said that, she asked me what percentage of people in the US own guns. I answered with another question: How many Japanese own a katana? I don’t know the statistics, but I imagine that the ratio isn’t so far off.

    • I do actually. In fact, I had pizza just yesterday. Yet I somehow don’t feel like getting into a gun fight. Odd.

  2. Thanks for making these posts, I especially liked the one about the comics site since some contain ふりがな

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