Japanese study 2015 recap

Wow, is the year almost over already AGAIN?! I’m just getting older and older and seeming to accomplish less and less. I guess I’m playing games too much as usual. Some words I learned from my twitter account. Firework trivia Game publishers that annoy me Finally finished watching K-ON! A free webcomic of a canceled PSP game when Level-5 used to be cool The list is way shorter this year mostly because I stopped adding to it. Still, some good stuff. すべからく ほくそ笑む 不実 忘れ形見 来歴 包容力 叙情 石膏像 のたまう 点在 腕白 言葉のあや 万事休す 好機到来 カンテラ どよめき 一意専心 近衛 野卑 乳母 意趣返し 粛清 駆け引き 追いはぎ

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  1. Hi there,
    i was so glad to read your post about Rocket Japanese before i bought it for my son this Christmas and SO HAPPY to find your blog and all of your great Japanese and “stuff!’

    So, I think I should just follow your guidelines for my son to get started and to continue his quest to learn Japanese (he is 16 and he has loved Japan and Japanese culture from the time he could talk – yes and i have neglected until now to spur him on to learn the language – he knows everything else though!).

    Any other advice that I cannot glean from your sites/blog??

    Thank you I look forward to reading your blog and other writings!

  2. I didn’t know all of those words, so I looked them up. If anybody else is interested, here’s the full list with translations.

    すべからく ought to ~
    ほくそ笑む to smile/laugh to yourself when things have gone as expected
    不実 insincere
    忘れ形見 a memento of someone
    来歴 history/backstory
    包容力 broadmindedness
    叙情 to appeal directly to the heart
    石膏像 a plaster figure
    のたまう (Used sarcastically) Pompous way of saying 言う
    点在 Dotted here and there
    腕白 Being naughty (child)
    言葉のあや Skilfully speaking in a longwinded way. See: Sir Humphrey in Yes (Prime) Minister.
    万事休す A helpless situation; nothing more can be done.
    好機到来 The moment to act has come. The opportune moment.
    カンテラ A paraffin lamp
    どよめき A commotion. Verb: どよめく
    一意専心 Single-mindedly; devote one’s mind to something
    近衛 このえ. (royal/ imperial) guardsman
    野卑 Vulgar, Barbaric
    乳母 A (wet) nurse
    意趣返し revenge
    粛清 Purge undesirables from an organisation
    駆け引き Negotiate terms
    追いはぎ A robber, bandit, highway man

  3. is this blog no longer active? I really liked it, hope you will start writing more and more.

  4. Hey Tae kim …. First I wanna thank you for all these resources to learn Japanese… specially for someone who just wanna learn how to speak it….

    My question is about Kanji….. I was wondering whether 五 has to do something with 語 as i can see the kanji of 5 at the top-right cornor…. and same with 九 and 熱..
    Is there some sort of relation as Kanji is a pictorial representation right??

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